Many companies have some kind of video relating to their business up on their websites. Those trendy, animated videos that explain things in a fun-to-watch way are everywhere. They are excellent for explaining how things work while keeping people’s notoriously fickle attention, but a two-minute animated video can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. But there is an alternative that costs less and gives your brand an authoritative voice in your industry in a way that an animated video doesn’t. Thanks to newscasts being largely unchanged since their inception on television, we’ve become accustomed over the decades to seeing a person talking authoritatively into a microphone and just accepting that what they’re saying has merit to it.


Charlotte Voisey partnered with Clubhill Media to create a made for web series that ideally brands herself and her location. It also offers premium content for social media.

Mosaic Media created this video for a small purveyor of handmade cigars. It informs their target audience that they are more than a re-seller of various cigar brands.

Billy Harris interviews restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders, and other food & beverage industry types. The Clubhill Media series showcases the locations he visits.

It’s this societal programming that helps targeted, advertorial videos stand out from just plain old commercials, because we’ve also become accustomed over the decades to mistrust claims made in commercials (and for good reason). You may not know about the concept of the advertorial video because it is underutilized. on this webpage, I’ll explain what these videos are, why they work so well and how you can use them, in combination with specific customer segment targeting, to introduce your business to new potential clients who are in the most likely position to become paying customers. What makes advertorial videos so great is they have the air of authority and objectivity about them because they are structured and presented like the aforementioned newscasts. They are invaluable tools that effectively communicates to the intended target audience in nearly any business model you can imagine.


In a competitive environment, it is imperative to stand out to secure new clients. Attorney Chris Dorbandt partnered with Mosaic Media to effectively position his brand online.

Marlow McShan was able to help potential clients tour his location, view equipment & obtain feedback for various fitness programs thanks to this Mosaic Media video.

At the Austin Shoe Hospital, Mosaic Media showcases the quality & care that occurs when repairing footwear. Intangibles like craftsmanship are clearly observed here.

Advertorial vs advertisement: For big, long-established brands, advertorials aren’t necessary because people already know and trust the brand. They’ve already established a presence in their industry and they’ve got a sizeable following. For the rest of us, advertorials help establish that coveted industry authority. We should clearly define what we’re talking about here, first. We all know what advertisements are. They are commercials that tout your brand, how great it is, what deals you have going on, how you’re better than your competition, etc.


Formals is an excellent example of creating emotional connections with online viewers. Mosaic Media engineered an engaging video that truly speaks to potential brides.

It is an invaluable benefit to potential clients when they can visualize experiences. Here again, Mosaic Media transports us to Woodhouse Spa’s tranquil environment.

People do business with those we know, like & trust. Mosaic Media aids this process of getting to know Dr. Machen, a Dentist, with an inviting office & staff in this friendly video.

Advertorial videos don’t do that. What they do is report on some aspect of your business or demonstrate your expertise in your field, instilling trust in the people watching it. Their main focus isn’t on trumpeting your brand, but on teaching viewers something they didn’t previously know. Therefore, watching the videos are beneficial to the viewer. If viewers learn something from your advertorial, they are left with the feeling that they’ve actually gained something of value rather than having the feeling that they’ve lost time watching a commercial. They are made to look like a journalism broadcast, so you have a “reporter” interviewing people and saying things about your brand in that newsy way reporters have. When people see this style of journalistic type reporting, it gives them the sense that what they’re seeing is factual.