Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage

Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage Ad

Article Written By: Justin Pandelo | CMƆ | Principal and Sr. Creative Director

Power. Soul. Beauty. There is no question, Aston Martin has secured a very special place in the in the pantheon of premium automobile manufacturers.  With good reason too. The essential elements of any great attainment in life are rooted in the finding of balance and harmony . Within oneself, within our businesses, and within our ideas and our inventions we bring into this world. No where is this more apparent than the Aston Martin and the beautiful cars they bring into this world. Their Power. Soul. Beauty. campaign invokes an emotional response in me every-time I see it. The balance of a great classical background score gives the video a cinematic feel, combined with 3D animation using virtual cameras and sound effects really are a wonderful treat for your senses. The close on this cinematic video advertisement really speaks to you:

“The invariable mark of a dream….. is to see it come true…..The all new V-12 Vantage.”