HUVrTech’s Hoverboard Demonstration Ad

Article Written By: Justin Pandelo | CMƆ | Principal and Sr. Creative Director

As a lover of the 80s, this video put out by fictional company HUVrTech fires on all cylinders. Christopher “Doc Brown” Lloyd, driving a DeLorean. Opens the classic gull wing doors, and carries with him an object we all lusted for as kids. A Hoverboard. Now this obviously was not a real product, and the prank was a little heartbreaking, but the power of online video and social networking cannot be denied here. In three days the video has achieved 10,700,000+ views and is still climbing aggressively. It has gained worldwide mainstream media attention and countless articles from blogs and websites. In seeing the making of the video, the cost of entry for such a production was minimal. Shot on a consumer grade $2k Canon DSLR cameras, it shows the power a local business can wield with a little creativity.

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